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Environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration and temperature control

Frimec – Frigomeccanica was established in 1967, the company's core business focused immediately on the design and construction of refrigeration and temperature control plants, supporting plastics manufacturing (injection moulding, film production etc) In 1980, after the initial development of production processes and the identification of areas for experimentation and technological research, the Company ventured into the European market, purchasing the new headquarters in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) in 1984. The success achieved in international markets pushes the Company to further diversify and complement the production activities towards other different sectors, since 1988 in relation to the Drying plants supporting plastics manufacturing.

In 1991 Frimec - Frigomeccanica started exporting to many non-European countries, by providing a structured network of technical and commercial support in all the countries where its main customers operate.

Since 1992, the company specialises in the production of special refrigeration plants for other sectors such as: food, space industry, laser and oenological.

In 2009, the new facility in Nuvolento (Brescia) was completed to give further opportunity to the increase in demands especially in new sectors that have meanwhile become strategic such as beverage and blown film extrusion (IBC)

Aware of the preciousness of energy resources and the need to reduce electricity consumption of its plants, the company has always encouraged the research and development center to undertake studies for new ones that are increasingly in harmony with respect for the environment.

With its know-how both in the refrigeration and in the thermoregulation of the fluids used in the production processes of the most varied industrial fields, Frimec has developed, after an in-depth study on the evolution of the climate worldwide, new solutions that allow the use for long periods of the year of ambient air as a cooling medium, thus reducing energy consumption up to six times compared to a traditional refrigeration system.

We believe we have thus managed to combine environmental protection with economic advantage, two values ​​that can never be separated in entrepreneurial research: an industrial development characterized by an increasingly reduced environmental impact. The consideration that, even within the modern production processes, each company has its own and very specific needs, leads our company to the development of exclusive solutions, realizing the principle of selling concrete production solutions, not just machines or refrigeration systems for the purpose of themselves.